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Thursday, September 10, 2009

News at a Glance

Looks like the Chappaquiddick Lion bit the dust. The irony is that he shunned the health care system he proposed for the rest of us (MassHealth) and ran quickly toward a system he was trying to destroy. Neither one could save his sorry butt, but he ran to the one he trusted the most. Looks like God may have had the last vote on Teddy’s ambitions.

The Post Office is crying poor once again. Seems they just can’t raise stamp prices fast enough to satisfy their bloated labor costs. Don’t believe it, ask America just how many of us would happily process and deliver mail for 70% of the labor costs they pay now. You do the math.

So, Obama now says that unemployment and deficits to be far worse than expected. Seems that the shadow of George Bush just keeps haunting the accomplishments and legacy of The Won, while he borrows, spends, borrows and spends some more. Nevermind that the Office of POTUS 44 is larding up the private sector with regulations, taxes and fees, the effect of which is not unlike shackling a bowling ball to Michael Phelps ankle before a competition.

Looks like Charlie Rangel must have had his vision prescriptions renewed because he just found another $780,000 in assets he didn’t know he had. This on top of an offshore resort and other vacation properties and an apartment building in Harlem he forgot about last year. I wanna invite Uncle Charlie to my house so he can find some stuff that I forgot about too.
The man is a gold mine.

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