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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Don’t Hear You

With all the gnashing, sniveling and ranting about Obama’s policies, proposals and pontificating AGAIN it is what we are NOT hearing that is important. This theme is a recurring one where we are continually bombarded with “red herring” issues to cover up what is really going to happen.

For instance while we were all tuned in to the megalopolis GM and Chrysler bailouts, we completely overlooked the billions siphoned off to the UAW to prop up the fraud and abuse loses of their pension funds. And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that there have been NO reported audits of these funds to discover where the losses went. But then again taxpayers won’t miss a few billion.

And while we bemoan the squandering of the $787 billion Porkulus Bill, we don’t hear a peep about the systematic siphoning of contracts to Union companies, the entitlement “sinkhole” and corrupt government agencies, also unionized. Nevermind that only 18% of America’s workers are unionized, the remaining 82% have the privilege of supplying the “voluntary income taxes” to pay for it. But Americans won’t miss a few more billion.

But the biggest gorilla in the room is the Obamacare health plan. Now we can’t ignore that NO plan has been put forth, but is rather a compilation of several proposals--none of which has a prayer in either the House or Senate--which have varying verbiage designed to place 1/6th of this nations economy under the control of the U.S. Government. Nevermind that Congress and the President, who will not participate in this “Obomination” because they have their own health plans, will be deciding this for the rest of us.

However, what we are NOT hearing that combined with the existing government employee unions, other organized unions, entitlement junkies, the auto industry and, later to come, control of the energy industry, Washington D.C. would be very close to the magical 51% of America’s voting population. And with that majority, you could be assured that Liberals would be in control of Washington and ergo America for decades to come or until what’s left of America rises up and burns D.C. to the ground.

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