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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Double Damn Sorry

The recent demands by House members and subsequent capitulation by Joe Wilson to apologize to the Teller-of-Lies-in-Chief has got me to thinking. Perhaps I have been looking at this all wrong. We all know that politicians are routinely “truthfully“ challenged, so why should now be any different. Time for some perspective.

First I want to apologize to Mr. Obama for ever thinking that he had an honest bone in him. After all, I knew he was from Chicago, a Community Organizer and enabler of ACORN. I knew his best friends were Marxists, Socialists, Communists, mobsters and terrorists. It was foolish of me to lower the bar for this one man, especially since he is such an accomplished liar. In fact, he is the most accomplished liar of our time. Just look at his presidential campaign funding.

So, I want to apologize for ever thinking that he could raise so much money from donors that had no vowels in their names--and in some cases, no consonants--sending multiple maximum donations from cities not registered on any road map within the U.S.. Damn me for forgetting that his campaign machine disabled all safety systems that would have prevented such donations. And double damn me for ever thinking that the FEC would so much as glance at these clearly illegal contributions, even the millions from overseas dictators, narco-terrorists and Muslim fanatics.

Next, it cannot go without notice that “You” were making promises on the campaign trail that only a flaming idiot would make--or the anti Christ--without so much as a sniffle from Main Stream Media. I mean as soon as
“You” told us that America was the greatest nation on Earth and “You” were going to change that, I should have figured “You” out. Me Bad.

I entered the spectatorship of Mr. Obama with a double WOW factor after listening to one of his early campaign speeches in Springfield, Ill.. I truly believed his charisma was on a plane with John F. Kennedy. For that I am profoundly sorry. Kennedy backed up his proclamations with action. Obama backs his up with thugs, oppression, threats and Rahm Immanuel.

No my gullible, na├»ve friends, we have been bamboozled by not the black JFK, but by the Arthur Fonzarelli of Socialism. He has elevated himself to the Emperor of Cool, admired by all those still stuck in the Middle and High school social order. And in this case, it isn’t exactly a good thing.
Pge 2

To his credit, Mr. Wilson’s apology had all the sincerity, honesty and candor as the “canned” acceptance by the Whitehouse. Nothing quite like two shills playing Three Card Monte.

No Mr. President, like an itch with no known cause, I overestimated the intelligence of my fellow man. Who would have ever thought that you could buy votes with easily provable lies, cans of beer and packs of cigarettes, not to mention glittering generalities and vague innuendos.

But like a dog chasing a car, what does the dog do when he catches it. Even the best laid plans have unintended consequences. And it still puzzles me that You had to fly all the way to Minneapolis to speak to 15,000 when you had about a half million in your back yard to sell your plan to.

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