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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Porkulus Palooza

Seems we hear a lot about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and how it is supposed to “stimulate” our sagging economy. Like we would expect the Act to actually make life better for 90% of the businesses that make our country work. Or won would think, wouldn’t they. But let’s review.

The Act pumps money into:
Extensions of Unemployment Benefits… Social Welfare Programs Education… Healthcare… And, oh yeah, Infrastructure and some Green Energy programs. (Source, Wikipedia) The Act also includes some, ”non-economic recovery related items”, what the hell ever that means. And Congress wonders why their credibility is in the tank.

To translate this for those living in Manhattan, San Francisco and Hollywood, we are taking money FROM 90% of America’s business’s and further rewarding those that couldn’t or wouldn’t find another job after, in some cases, months of not looking for work. It crams more money into entitlements for those who have discovered the virtues of having NO intention of ever being productive again and to pay exorbitant medical bills inflated by trial lawyers bent on sucking every nickel out of the system. And from what I am seeing, the rest will go to Unions(ie: teachers, construction and service employees). Of course a “taste” goes to pay off political contributors who fall under the “non-economic recovery related items”. But I don’t see a whole lot going to the 90% that makes America work.

And unless I miss my guess, there’s less than 1% of this Act going to companies that are non-union, which is 82% of America.

What I see is graft, corruption and cronyism on a level that would make Al Capone blush. And Congress--both sides of the isle--just sit there and either makes or lets it happen without so much as consideration of who is going to pay this bill.

And you can argue a lot of issues around the economic slump, but you cannot argue that the people working to pay for the biggest boondoggle in the history of man had no part in creating or profiting from it.

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