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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Has anyone but me noticed that in the “Healthcare” debate doctors seemed to have been left out but lawyers have been left in?

And on an unrelated subject, President Obama is going to have a little talk with our children today. Or rather he is going to talk and about half the kids will listen. He will tell them to stay in school, do their homework and pay attention to their teachers. He will emphasize that success isn‘t easy, so they must knuckle down and work hard to be successful.

What he won’t be telling them is that while they are so busy studying diversity, ecology and sexual aberrations, they most likely will graduate not knowing how to balance a checkbook, make change at a McDonalds, or write an understandable, ledgible letter to their Aunt Pookie. But by God they will graduate, come hell or high water.

Most that make it to graduation will not go on to higher education because they cannot fill out the admissions form to even a junior college, nor tell you one of the framers of our Constitution. But they most likely can tell you how many grams are in an “Eightball” and the current street price for a bag of weed.

And no doubt, our high school graduates are well versed on the latest battles in World of Warcraft, the most recent downloads of Mily Cyrus’ Facebook and just how hard it is to get their pants that low without loosing them altogether. But the intricacies of creating a meal beyond microwave Mac and Cheese, doing a load of laundry or actually answering the front door still remains a mystery.

So the new and mostly truncated address to our nations young will now come with a wink, nod and promise to see them later after the feces storm calms down on his first idea of creating Executive Branch homework for those little mush heads who really like the idea of being a hall monitors, family snitches or contestants in dancing with the Brown Shirts.

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