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Saturday, January 30, 2010


The SOTUS (State of the Union Speech) last night kind of reminded me of the guy that jumps out the top floor window of a hundred story building. On the way down he sees a guy looking out from the fiftieth floor and says, “I’m OK so far”.

That’s about what we witnessed with Obama’s first SOTUS. Only Obama’s approval is “less” than half way from the bottom.

And he didn’t help himself when he threw the SCOTUS (The Supreme Court) under the bus over the recent ruling allowing corporations to fund campaign advertisements. Nevermind that Obama didn’t utter a word about the millions he received in illegal contributions. It was a petty, unprofessional, amateurish and ill conceived attack on the SCOTUS, especially when they were trapped front and center, below him, like fish in a barrel.

It wasn’t that he was beating on the SCOTUS like a rented mule, but he was doing so, as a “constitutional attorney” who completely mis-represented and mis-stated the case and resulting opinion. So much was he in error that he is being chided by the MSM, MSNBC and Fox News resident legal analysts. Yes folks, even the blathering idiots that make up Obama’s unpaid supporters know the difference between a horse and a jackass.

Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t know the difference, but it doesn’t stop him from making a complete ass of himself on his way to the bottom. So much is he out of touch, that he followed his decision to “freeze” spending with an order for Congress to fund an $8 billion dollar study to plan a high speed rail line on the east coast. Yes sir, there is a man that knows the meaning of “FREEZE”.

To Obama “freeze” means: To stop paying money out to anyone BUT, his financial supporters, unions, government employees and political stooges.

Well, I guess we cleared that up.

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