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Monday, February 23, 2009

Does Anyone Do The Math??

Does anyone but me ever “Do the Math”? I mean numbers are showered on us every day, but does anybody ever really look at them?

For instance, AP just released a story that says, “5 million are on unemployment”. Okay, well there is supposedly 7% unemployment, nationally, right now. So, if 5 million are on unemployment, we have about 93 million employed. But what of the remaining 207 million?

Well, we have a few million self employed people, millions more of the elderly and infirmed, 40 or 50 million children, tens of millions on public payrolls (not producing anything), tens of thousands of executives on salaries, and of course we must not forget the 12 million illegal aliens.

Of the 300 million inhabitants of our country, the only ones the State and Federal governments have any influence over are the 93 million they take money from every month, in payroll taxes, the few million self-employed, they pummel with draconian rules, regulations and quarterly estimates, along with a few thousand executives that are sucking the life out of our economy‘s stockholders. The rest live at the expense of the few.

So the next time you see our politicians pontificating at the podium, all you need to know is that they are talking to the approximately 1/3rd of America that makes this engine work. The rest are receiving the fruits provided from the 93 million of us schmucks still in harness.

And one number that you will never hear from the AP are the number of slackers and gamers that have avoided being productive Americans by signing up for benefits under SSI (Supplemental Security Income) by “manufacturing” permanent disabilities. Such disabilities may be: soft tissue injuries that apparently allow them all functions, but the one they were performing when injured, a permanent disability due to alcohol and drug dependencies--they have no intention of ending-- and tattoos which apparently leaves them ineligible for employment. And my favorite, bi-polar disorder, which allows you to only the ability to cash your benefit check.

No America, unemployment is only relevant when you factor in the unemployable, who have no intention of contributing.

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