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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Last Round-up ‘09

Ok, we’ve all heard the highlights of last year. The good, the bad, the ugly… the terminally stupid. We’ve been carpet bombed with the best and worse of entertainment, sports, politics and religion, not the least of which was the high priest of the Environment, Al Gore. Al has taken bows for many awards (none he deserves) since he has won the Nobel, the Oscar and is in the lead for a Grammy (whining about the weather)and a Pulitzer (for his fictional work on Global Warming).

But there is no category, celebrity nor event that comes close to the incompetence displayed by our Anointed Leader. Of course he had the advantage of commanding MSM airtime, at the drop of a whimper, when he deemed it compelling to make an announcement to the Nation. You know, saying things like, “I’m making it my top priority”, the ever present, “I’ve directed my….” and the Omni-present, “As I’ve always said” to let America know he was on the job and taking care of business.

Of course his business was usually directing America’s hard earned money to his campaign supporters, union goons and government agencies, not to mention trillions to Big Banking. Meanwhile he attempts to legitimize illegal aliens, extends unemployment--into infinity and beyond-- and last but not least expands unionization of America, just to enlarge his voting base. Like that is going to make us any more free, independent and prosperous. I’d like to see the numbers on this business plan.

Look folks, I’ve got bedroom slippers older than this clown. And I’m a lot more comfortable with them than him. You see, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve seen a few flim-flam artists, but this guy takes the cake. He has the charm and charisma of JFK, the oratory of Reagan and the ambition of Kim Jong Ill. And to prove it, he has already BS’d his way into the White House while making us totally dependant on China. Your serve.

Make no mistake people, if you liked ‘09 you’re gonna love ‘010. With Card Check, Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform and a wind up to Obamacare, 2010 is going to be the political blood bath predicted. Because America is now wise to “Death Panels”, unfettered power grabs and Socialism. About the only thing Dems have left to do is convince us that we don’t understand what they are doing to us in our own best interest.

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