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Saturday, January 30, 2010


SOTUS observation 1
A lot of ink has been spilt over the recent SOTU speech by POTUS. (I just love using those acronyms) Seems that POTUS really stepped into the horse puckey when he sideswiped the Supremes during SOTU. As if a drive-by assault wasn’t good enough, the poor Supremes had to sit there and take it like truants in the Principles office. Now they know how it feels during an IRS audit. However, as good as POTUS thought it made him look to spank the Supremes, he really underestimated the backlash, he has, and will receive for this breach of decorum.

But really now, the self-righteous, pompous, elitist goober we refer to as president, who claims to be a “constitutional lawyer”, only made a few subtle, hardly noticeable, barely perceptible, inconspicuous, bone-headed blunders of gargantuan consequences. Even the talking heads and their paid political and legal experts have leapt on the president for a faux pas of unprecedented proportions. But I digress.

Dumbplumber, on the other hand, has a slightly different take on this gaffe of galactic stupidity.

First, der Leader somehow decided it was a good idea to bitch slap another Branch of our government (which by the way will come back to haunt him)in front of about 100 million viewers, with the Supremes shackled to their chairs, like Hannibal Lector on a furniture dolly, at a preliminary hearing. Yeah, well maybe that wasn’t the best moment for the Executive Branch to unload his displeasure, over making the election playing field level for everyone, by the Judicial Branch. This ain’t leadership people.

Second, he somehow underestimated the fact that he was before a roomful of other lawyers witnessing a shellacking of judges who have forgotten more about the law than THE WON will ever know. Nevermind that a first year law student knows that you NEVER misrepresent an argument and you SURE AS HELL NEVER misrepresent a decision by the Supremes.

Now, all Dr. Utopia has to do is stop digging in that steaming pile of Road Apples, because despite what he proclaims, there’s no pony in there.

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