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Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting Over

Ok, here’s an idea. Let’s roll back the political calendar about 40 years and reset what America is all about. Yes Pilgrims, time to not only stop the train to Socialist hell, but time to send it back to the station for some refitting. This isn’t the country of John Adams, Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan. Hell, it isn’t even the country of John Kennedy. Sadly, we are becoming the country of Hugo, Fidel and Mao.

No, Barack did us the biggest favor of our lives, just short of a complete meltdown--that some contend was his aim all along. He cut to the chase on his quest for the Socialist utopia. You know, where everyone is the same, except for some, who are more the same than others. Yes folks, it has been tried, again and again, but there isn’t one Socialist gov’t that has succeeded. But that hasn’t stopped the Socialist movement from trying, over and over.

My plan--and I haven’t heard a better one-- is to cancel every bureaucracy, program, entitlement and, above all, tax that has been imposed since the Kennedy Administration. For Christ’s sake people, we have thrown over a trillion dollars at poverty and there are more poor people today than ever before. Go figure. And talk about counterproductive, we have spent hundreds of billions on a “War on Drugs” and there are more drugs here than ever before, and they are more expensive than ever. Good for drug dealers, bad for taxpayers.

The Dumbplumber’s plan: make ALL recipients of taxpayer money (be they the “entitled“, doctors, lawyers, farmers or law makers) take drug tests. You test positive, you get nada.

So don’t get me started on the Farm Program, Foreign Aid and Corporate Welfare. But what of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid? Well, here’s the deal. We go back to the original text, intention and promise of these programs and start over, with the specific legislation that would NOT allow any future Congress to meddle, expand or bastardize the programs. We crafted promises to provide a “safety net” to our elderly and infirmed, not a lifestyle.
America is a “working” capitalist country. If you can do something, you will do it, and to the best of your ability. On the other hand, if all you can do is pickup up your Welfare, SSI or Unemployment check on your way to the bar, tattoo parlor or home to watch Jerry Springer, you really need to find another country.

You see, “Working America” has figured out what is going on. And what is going on is not good for a working America. Ergo, the Tea Party.

Of course there is resistance from both the Left and the Right. They are so entrenched in their own wallows, they don’t want “no stinking Tea Partiers” messing up their little fiefdoms. It isn’t about representing their districts. It’s all about control people. If they aren’t in control, they’re unhappy.

If it were about representing their Districts, we would have a thriving, vibrant economy. We would have lower taxes, more revenues, lower unemployment, more opportunity, lower barriers to success, more entrepreneurship, less intrusion into our business and personal lives and more admiration from the rest of the world. You know, like it was about 40 years ago, before social discontent and redistribution became more important than individual Freedom and liberty.
No my friends, Dr. Utopia--aka B. Hussein Obama--may have finally let the genie out of the bottle. His prescription for a Socialist takeover hit bottom and has bounced back like a bad Burrito. We have finally began to choke on his utopian vision of life after Liberty. And it couldn’t have come any too soon.

Much damage has been done in the name of redistribution, compassion, stimulus and bailouts. But not nearly as much as would have been done had Rick Santelli, of CNBC, hadn’t shouted the rallying cry, of a Tea Party, from the floor of the Chicago Exchange, when he asked the nation if they wanted to pay their neighbor’s house payments.

America is Rising people. The only question is, is whether you all will be part of the problem or part of the solution.

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