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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pots and Kettles

Now comes the caterwauling. Liberals are all apoplectic about the Supreme Court’s overturning most of the McCain/Feingold Act. (Yes that McCain, who couldn’t get out of Sarah Palin’s way, when it really counted) All the whining and sniveling seems to be that Corporations will now be able to donate to political candidates. You know, those big, bad, evil corporations that remain, while the rest have packed up and moved to India, China or Indonesia, thanks to excessive taxes, regulation and oversight.

Funny how Liberals are all concerned, all of a sudden, about campaign finance reform. Yes, those Liberals, who thought that receiving bags full of money(affectionately referred to as “bundled”) funneled to the likes of Hillary and Barack, supposedly from dishwashers, waitresses and shoeshine boys donating the maximum of $2300 each for their favorite candidate. And we didn’t hear a peep about the $100 million or so from donors far and wide, that came to Obama, through the Internet, from those whose names contained no vowels, from cities not found on any map. Thank goodness some clever wirehead figured out how to disable THAT nasty filter.

And we’re still waiting for the hammer on the millions upon millions shoveled to Wild Willie, in the late nineties, coming from rogue businessmen and bankers in Indonesia. Or will we ever forget the millions in “known dirty donations” returned from Hillary’s coffers, to donors without a mailbox. (Actually, I’m still waiting to see the canceled checks) Funny how quickly a candidate returns money to someone without a mailing address. So, don’t even try to assuage my angst with the few thousand they threw at some charity or another.

It’s funny how Liberals never commented on all the non-financial support they got from the Mainstream Media Corporations, who prostituted themselves shamelessly for Liberal candidates, but who now writhe in agony over cash donations to Conservatives, who will now spend it with….you got it, Liberal media corporations for campaign advertising.

Now if that ain’t the Pot calling the Kettle black.

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