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Monday, June 20, 2011

So Long Suckers

To my close friends and email buddies:

This is to let you know that I will no longer open, read or be otherwise dazzled by a new email revelations about our White House occupant. I have been witnessing shocking accounts about this man since well before his inauguration. Then, as the political junkie I am, have witness the drip, drip, drip of actions, appointments, authorizations, declarations, directives, decrees, dictates, commands and mandates that have, each and every one, gone to divide, diminish, devalue and otherwise destroy this country.

Long story short, you can no longer shock me, you can no longer inform me, you can no longer alarm me, for damn sure, you can no longer convince me that Mr. Obama is anything but a socialist/fascist/Marxist, narcissist, bent on reducing this great nation into his version of political panty wearing pussies.

I have determined that those who have the easiest access to solutions to correct our spiral into the abyss, have neither the will nor the courage to act on the opportunities, but rather choose to sit by and watch Liberals, the MSM and cocktail circuit RINOs grind into dust anyone with the courage to do so politically. Yes, that means that NO viable Conservative will ever sleep in the White House, short of a revolution.

Yes folks, there exists plenty of selfish, greedy and provably stupid people that will line up and vote for whichever guy is giving away the most ice cream, even though we will be borrowing money from China to buy it. You see, government employees, the habitually unemployed, entitlement junkies, most union members and professional scammers all know that the Liberals and RINOs are their ticket to the lush life, nevermind that this system is unsustainable on any level.

So as long as the majority of the 40% of America that bothers to vote continues to cast ballots for a non-Conservative leader, we will be sliding further into the socialist utopia. I, fortunately, have better things to do with my time than watch the show. Good Luck America, you’re gonna need it.

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