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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dumbplumber Shorts 18

Let’s see if I’m getting this straight.

I’m told it’s un-Constitutional to withhold legislative pay to lawmakers who fail to produce a balanced budget. However, it IS Constitutional for those same lawmakers, against our objections, to encumber, indebt and otherwise shackle, not just taxpayers, but generations of descendants with obligations they will NEVER be able to pay off.

Under the “It’s Good for the Goose Dept.” : We are told daily that Public Employee and Union benefit packages must be honored because they were ‘negotiated contracts’, nevermind that these benefits are unsustainable, constantly renewed, negotiated under threat of strike and paid for by ‘all’ taxpayers, not just the 12% that receives them. I say, “Hot Damn Goober”.

Dumbplumber believes that if this is such a great deal for America, in the future every benefit negotiated by union thugs for their membership should be extended to EVERY worker in America. That should speed up the inevitable end game that we are seeking to reach now…. at light speed.

Liberals would have us believe that we are all in this together. So to prove that they are NOT dividing America, that everyone is equal, and that they care about the ‘little’ people, they should be jumping all over this concept. Can we all say G-R-E-E-C-E together.

So here’s what the liberal blogs and the MSM write when they can’t get their way:

“Sarah Palin’s bus is plastered with a mockup of the U.S. Constitution. But her entourage — both the three-vehicle motorcade that includes the bus and the smaller, two-SUV version she uses for smaller events — hasn’t been very respectful of the traffic laws.
They speed. They run red lights and stop signs. They make last-second lane changes to get off the highway, sometimes without signaling.”

Well now, did it occur to anyone else that Sarah isn’t driving the bus? Does it remind anyone of what it’s like to drive in urban traffic, Sarah’s bus notwithstanding? Geesh.

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