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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dumbplumber Shorts 17

Dumbplumber Shorts 17

Hee, hee, hee. So Paul Ryan’s proposal was voted down in the Senate. Seems that looking into it, Republicans and Democrats alike saw the end of their careers staring them back in their face. Nevermind that it is a more reasonable plan than either the one we have or the nothing put forth by the Democrats.

But the sweet irony is that if Congress had looked into Obamacare half as much as Ryancare, O‘care wouldn‘t have seen the light of day, nor have been handed $105 billion in seed money. No, you can’t make this up.

A friend reminded me today that our Founding Fathers risked everything. They risked their property, their wealth, their families and yes their lives to draft, circulate and promote and pass what is today the greatest governing document ever created, our Constitution.

But today, with all we have accomplished, all we have created, all we have done for our country, our fellow man and those from other countries, today’s politicians won’t risk a vote to defend it.

Today I disagree with the award winning Dr. Charles Krauthammer. He claims that America is a nation of laws. Yes, in a way that is true. However, I would submit that we are a nation with a lot of laws AND SOME OF THEM THEY ENFORCE, depending on who you are and just how high up the Totem Pole you perch.

Under the ‘You’ve Got to be Shitting me Column’, The People’s Republic of California’s Assembly bill 887 is working its way through the Sacramento morass of twisted sisters and is about to be the first State that will protect workers that wish to cross-dress during working hours. Yes, you’ve heard it here first folks. Those once socially constrained transexual, tattoo ladened, copiously pierced, cosmetically altered to look like the ‘Swamp Thing’ day care hall monitors can soon don the latest in Parisian eveningwear, at work.


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