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Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Threat of Palin

Having sworn not to write any further rants involving Obama, I was considering to do the same about Sarah Palin. I mean what ‘new’ comments can one say about someone that has been scrutinized with a microscope, slammed from both sides of the political isle, and mischaracterized, not just by the Left, but by virtually every elitist RINO, MSM commentator, political pundit and hack comedian in the country.

But through the fog of controversy, Dumbplumber may have stumbled upon one aspect of Mrs. Palin that no one has bothered to cover. That being, who does Sarah Palin NOT threaten? Now for those of you who consider themselves speed mis-readers, I offer you that last sentence again. Who does Sarah Palin NOT threaten?

Of course she threatens the Left, because she believes in the Constitution, personal responsibility and smaller government. She threatens elitist Republicans, because she has a history of rooting out greed, corruption and waste, no matter what side of the isle it is from. And she threatens the slackers, scammers, professional deadbeats and anyone wrongly ‘milking’ the system for personal gain. But let’s look at who she doesn’t threaten.

Like anyone else, I started looking at home. Does she threaten me? Not hardly. I work hard, pay my taxes, don’t suck off the government teat, don’t ask for much of anything but a level playing field and enjoy the fruits of my labor. So next I looked down the street at my neighbors. Does she threaten any of them? Not hardly, from an elderly neighbor on my left, who is enjoying his retirement, that he invested into for over 5 decades, to the one on my right who is a Highway Dept. employee, who is an essential element in our rural transportation system. Then it was time to look farther afield.

About 300 yards to the east is our Community Hospital. About the only changes she threatens them with is a cutting of the senseless bureaucracy that haunts hospitals all across America. Under her leadership, we could probably expect more money spent on patient care and a whole lot less on lawyers, which have helped make our medical system the most expensive on the planet. More resources devoted to equipment, medicine and services and a lot less on unfathomable, unreadable reports, surveys and duplicitous documents.
To the west, we have our commercial district. I seriously doubt that cutting taxes, removing barriers to success and streamlining the permitting, inspection and planning processes would be a threat to any of these businesses. Not to mention putting a screaming halt to endless, mindless and indefensible environmental obstacles, meant more to halt commerce than preserve the environment. Nope, no threat there.

I can’t even imagine our local Liberal, Obama loving, tree huggers being threatened. Beyond the fact that their feelings get hurt when they discover that Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow and the entire MSM had been lying, distorting and fabricating criticisms about Palin ever since she took the stage in Ohio as McCain’s running mate. You see, most of America thinks Palin said, “I can see Russia from my porch”, when it was actually Tina Fey that coined that often repeated, but never disputed, stupid comment.

In fact, with a profound lack of bureaucrats, investment bankers, activist lawyers and environmental whackos among our ranks, our little community will most likely fare pretty well under President Palin, that is except for a few entitlement and welfare junkies whose only skill seems to be collecting their checks on the 1st and the 15th ,adding to their beer can castles and making pot holders out of their empty cigarette packages.

Of course, we have a few lost souls that need our support, but every community does. But it cannot be argued that the further away from Washington, D.C., the State Capitals and urban centers you get, the fewer ‘dependent’ citizens you find. And we are further than most from the cesspools of social engineering.

No folks, it isn’t about who will suffer under Palin. It is about the vast majority who will live, prosper and thrive under her leadership. A story that has sadly been lost under the barrage of criticism fabricated, amplified then broadcast across America, as the gospel according to Leftists, Liberals and the ‘Scared Shitless of Sarah’ would have us believe.


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