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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dumbplumber Shorts 14

Dumbplumber Shorts 14

Is being reported that the Oregon legislature is going to debate the legalization of the “Suicide Kit”. Yes folks, time’s a comin’ that you will have the opportunity to check out on your own schedule.

There is, however, no truth to the rumor that it will be marketed as, “In Case Obama Wins Kit”.

Under, ‘If I’d told my Daddy‘…. Back in 1965, if I’d told my Daddy that in 2011 we would be told by the government what light bulbs to use, what toilets to buy and that we would be grinding up corn for gasoline, he would’ve looked at me like I just dropped in from Pluto and told me I was nuts.

Hang on to your bibb overalls, because we are about to see the ‘Pigford’ Settlement cubed with the recent Mississippi river floods. While tens of thousands will spend years filling out forms for relief, ‘Pigford’ farmers will simply claim their “Farmville” keyboards as crops and reap millions in ‘virtual’ losses on what they meant to harvest next year.

The Energy Dept. has announced that gasoline prices will remain high through 2012. Well now, that certainly is an interesting statement. Since the market determines the cost of energy, how is it that the Energy Dept. can ‘assure’ us of high prices unless they have their “fingers on the scale” guaranteeing that will happen. This assurance only works if the government ‘controls’ energy, which apparently their prediction reveals.

After John Boehner announced loudly that any Debt Ceiling increase would have to be connected to equal or larger cuts in the budget, it is being announced that these “budget cuts” would be spread over 5 or 10 years. Well now, ain’t that special. It is starting to sound a lot like Wimpy, who famously quotes, “I would gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today”. Nevermind there will be plenty of opportunity to rescind the cuts during Obama’s second term. We are so screwed.

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