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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bashing Hope

In her zeal to propel Mitt Romney into the White House, Ann Coulter has taken more than a few liberties, with our Liberties.

First, she decided that Mittens was her man for 2012. Second, she thusly proclaims all other candidates and potential candidates either irrelevant or unelectable. Third, she forgets that while she can command audiences larger than Obama at certain events, neither her or Obama together can generate an audience or enthusiasm anywhere near Sarah Palin‘s numbers, whom she dismisses as a charlatan.

I would remind Ms. Coulter that other than the three clowns remaining in the race, her “Boy God”, Romney, never uttered a peep about ballooning government, excessive debt or defending the Constitution in his run-up to being a candidate. As I recall, Romney’s claim to fame is reducing regulations and cutting taxes, as if we don’t need to shut down entire agencies, means test entitlements and privatize services that public employees have made exorbitant. In addition, his RomneyCare is the blueprint for ObamaCare which at last date will double in cost from earlier predictions.

If there is to be a charlatan, I would suggest that Ann take a closer look at her chosen candidate before she throws another 4” heel at a real reformer, with a history of reform, prosecution and incarceration of those threatening her beloved Alaska. Since both Palin and Romney are both former governors, I would ask Mittens exactly how many corrupt bureaucrats, corporate pirates or shady political hacks HE has put in jail in one of the most corrupt states in America, Massachusetts, the land of Kennedys.

Moreover, now that we are calling political opponents names, why don’t we call all the remaining candidates what they are, political hacks, bench warming stooges and, except for the perennial tin foil hat wearing Ron Paul, all a bunch of good ole boy losers who have actively participated in bringing America to its knees.

No sir, If you want snarkey, rapid fire, misapplied logic, Ms. Coulter is your resident dishwater blonde. However, if you want to wake up after November, with any hope at all, you had better take another look at the only reformer in the house.  

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