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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Twofer

For the first time, Dumbplumber is going to put to rest two issues at the same time. The issues are neither complex nor complicated, they are really quite simple made complicated by lawyers and politicians.

First issue: Affordable healthcare.   Neither Obamacare, Medicare or Medicaid will make health care affordable. They all shift the high costs of healthcare onto either other policy holders or taxpayers. See, that wasn’t too complicated, now was it?

You want to lower the cost of healthcare, take the lawyers out of medicine. I don’t mean independent counsel to make court appearances and submit patents and briefs. I mean ambulance chasers, medical malpractice specialists and prescription drug vultures trolling for a random side effect.

I’m talking about ending the epidemic of product liability buzzards that circle testing facilities, laboratories and hospitals from coast to coast, sniffing out disgruntled patients, simpering spouses and entire families of malcontents, unhappy that their loved one’s heart surgery went bad after the patient spent his entire life boozing, snorting and gorging himself with junk food, during his dry spells.

End this madness, then get back to me for more.

Second: Paying taxes.Not a day goes by that some overpaid, high powered talking head doesn’t condemn the 40% of American workers that pay no Federal Income Tax.

Well Buckos, first I didn’t write the tax code.

And Second: With all the assorted hidden and onerous taxes I pay on my gasoline, tires, telephone, cell phone, cable and utilities bills, not to mention the hundreds of permits, fees, duties, dues, levies, tithes and tolls, I would suggest that I pay a much higher percentage of my income on these taxes than all the talking heads pay Income Taxes on theirs.

Dumbplumber has done his job, now you can do yours.


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