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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Re-branding Message

Dumbplumber has just about had it with all this “brokered convention” BS. Seems that almost every “dinosaur” political hack is poo-pooing the notion because there just isn’t enough time to alert the masses of your message before election day…..2 months after the Convention.

Okay, well then let me ask you how many days did it take every American (nevermind the rest of the world) to learn the JFK had been assassinated? How many days did it take us to learn that Pearl Harbor had been bombed, Martin Luther King had been assassinated, or Elvis had died? Yeah, about two, but who‘s counting.


Now we all know that the MSM (Main Stream Media) will never cover that story. So what we have to do is repackage it like the Dems do every devastating bill they shove through Congress. I particularly like the “Affordable Healthcare for America Act” aka ObamaCare.

I like it because it ain’t Affordable, it ain’t for Healthcare (it’s for control) and it sure as Hell ain’t American. That would make it the trifecta of deception. But it sure as Hell got passed (without reading it first) and now faces the glacial scrutiny of the U.S. Supreme Court. But I digress.

Re-branding of a Conservative message is essential if America is to survive as a responsible, Constitutional Republic. So Dumbplumber has an idea.

Conservatives need to break out 3 messages to grab the attention of at least 99% of America. “America to go Commi”, will get one third of America. “The Last episode of Wheel of Fortune” will get another third and “Cast of Jersey Shore killed in Car Crash” will get the rest. Of course, after the opening scene, we only need to pander to their sense of survival, which should be real easy, since the road we are on is cannot be justified.

My only suggestion is that you take the opening credits of Elmer Gantry to heart. “What you are about to witness should not be seen by impressionable children”. We are so Screwed.

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