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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Conning of Bruce

This is one of those moments I live for.  A local newspaper editor lambasts Conservatives for believing and forwarding the notion that President Obama is an illigitimate leader.

This is my response:

If ever there were a man who has staked his political credibility upon an enigma, it is Bruce Ross. I may go to my grave always wondering why someone who has shown occasional insight, casual curiosity and the odd stroke of genius, would hang his journalistic credibility on the likes of Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

History will one day write that Obama is the only president, in the history of presidents, whose entire biography (Dreams from my Father) was provided to a nation prior to an election, but a majority voted for him anyway. It may be one of those moments when manufactured image, rhetoric and good ole fashion political BS trumped the written word, logic, and reason, common sense be damned.

What Obama lacked in credibility, and authenticity, he more than made up with ‘cool‘, mellow and slick. And since it served him so well between being the president of Harvard Law Review, Community Organizer and then State Senator, why trash a good thing? Nevermind that none of these positions reveal anything but, lack of commitment, broken promises and voting ‘present’. But this isn’t about Barack as much as it is about Bruce.

You see, I don’t recall Bruce sharing his outrage, when Bush 43 was being hounded for his National Guard records, driving record or colonoscopy film. I don’t recall his condemning Dan Rather when Rather accepted faked Bush military documents from a Lefty nut-bag Bush hater in Texas. So you will pardon me for questioning Bruce’s selective outrage….. now.

No my friends, what Bruce lacks in objectivity, curiosity and journalistic integrity, he more than makes up for with arrogance and contempt for those of us who have already met ‘con-men‘, swindlers and ‘carnival barkers‘. So you really can’t blame Mr. Ross if he doesn’t have a lot of life’s experiences. 

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