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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Going Commi

It is now being touted that Mr. Obama “never knew” the depths of America’s economy until after he took office in January ‘09. Apparently, despite daily newspaper reports: He didn’t know the housing market was going in the dumper, he didn’t know that gas prices were just coming off the highest prices ever posted, he didn’t know that the stock market was being hammered by hucksters, investment bankers and assorted hedge funders betting on America’s failures and he didn’t know that the economy was in the midst of shedding about 6 million jobs. Apparently he was so busy campaigning, he missed all this and more.

And now that he has had 3 years (two with Dems controlling both houses) to weave his magic, ‘The One’ has driven us $5 trillion deeper in the hole, crammed ObamaCare down our throats (another $2 trillion over ten years), doubled down on regulations, thrown hundreds of billions down the drain on green energy and packed his Cabinet and ‘Czar Bus’ with dozens of Communists, Fascists and Marxists. What could possibly go wrong?

Things were so bad in America, der Leader had to go on 90 golf outings, 7 vacations and fly several times to New York and Chicago for ribs and pizza. Nevermind the flights half way across country to sign documents sent on a separate plane and flying his wife and dog in separate planes, because he would be leaving a few hours later. (Quite frankly, I would have done the same. Think trapped in an aluminum tube with Michelle, yuck).

Back at home, Liberals were made busy, NOT adopting a budget (going on 3 years now) passing Continuing Resolutions, which allowed government to continue spending and the mother of all abdications, raising the debt limit every time they and Obama ran out of cash.

And what has Obama accomplished? Well other than shoving ObamaCare up our keisters, he has thrown hundreds of billions away on failed green energies (thank goodness they were headed by his campaign bundlers), given away our military secrets to Russia and flown around the world apologizing for every great thing America stands for. Other than that, his golfing, vacations and the $250k pizza runs there wasn’t much time for anything else. And he still has a 49% approval rating, go figure.

We are So Screwed

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