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Friday, April 20, 2012

Firemen, Policemen and Teachers, Oh My

Not a week goes by that our anointed, narcissist-in-chief doesn’t cut a check to another Muslim ran country, another failed green energy company, another collapsing progressive governing model or another ad on how you can apply and get “free” money from the government. Yessir, on our race to the bottom of the abyss, the ‘Candy Man’ is throwing money out the window of the bus, on its way down.

That is right up to and until it’s time to raise the debt ceiling, once again, and then the official line becomes, “we must not lay off our police, firemen, and teachers”, “we can’t abandon our children or old people” and “we must protect water and air quality.  That is, when we’re not blowing smoke up your skirt.

Funny how nobody (especially the self proclaimed conservatives) ever mentions this spending when it comes to raising the debt ceiling or voting for yet another ’continuing resolution’, doesn’t it?

No, a few hundred thousand here, a few million there, another 20 billion over there and before you know it, we’re back to Congress asking for another debt ceiling increase, whining about policemen, teachers and firemen. 

However, no one notices that not a penny of the last $1.5 trillion went to any of them. It went to every failing, cockamamie, broke-dick, useless, worthless, corrupt, double dealing, losing proposition, dictator, union boss or latest Chicago mayor.

But the 'Ground Hog Day' in Congress just keeps on going. The only thing we don’t hear is NO,NO and HELL NO. It is being drowned out by, “oh no we can’t let down our teachers, firemen and police“. Nevermind we are adding a few more hundred billion a year for food stamps, welfare and unending unemployment.

It is not lost on many of us that Congress doesn’t say NO to any giveaway plan in the midst of election season. We can’t have those entitlement junkies voting against us can we? Nevermind that we will be another trillion in the hole by the time we cast our ballots.

We are so Screwed.

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