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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tea Party Fading

Well now it’s official. "The Tea Party has evaporated". "They are nowhere to be found." So says the talking heads on Fox News. Well gee duh.

Dumbplumber says, “Well, what the f**k did you expect”? The Liberals made the Tea party a fun factory, the butt of all political jokes and the Ron Paul’s of Right Wing thinking, while the RINO Republicans looked the other way.

Meanwhile, in 2010, the establishment Republicans in general and the RNC in particular, bled the Tea Party of every vote they could before they kicked them to the curb and cowed the freshmen Congressmen, either into submission or out of meaningful committees in Congress.

But the new campaigns have brought out a few of the stalwart Tea Party faithful to fight, once again, for the rights of the common man. Unfortunately, the political meat grinders in the RNC, DNC and the MSM have shifted into high gear to smear anyone with thoughts of smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility or respect for the Constitution.

Typical responses are: “Our government is really more complicated than that”. Which is political shorthand for: We’ll keep doing what we have always done and you’ll like it.

Or how about: “Tea Party folks don’t understand how things work up here (ie: on Capitol Hill)”. No, I think they understand just fine. You say what you have to, to get there, then turn into someone we don’t recognize in the name of Representation.

And the mother of all put-downs: “The Tea Party isn’t willing to compromise”. Well, Congress has been “compromising” for about 230 years and see how that’s worked out for us.

No folks, the Tea Party understands exactly what’s going on. They’re just not happy about it and someone’s gonna pay. Ask Dick Lugar and Orrin Hatch about Tea Party wrath.

They are So Screwed

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