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Thursday, April 26, 2012

To Honor or Obey

If you were to ask every sitting member of Congress if they honored and obeyed our Constitution along with the wishes of the Founders, I’m sure they’d testify and swear that they were the salt of the earth, oracles of their constituents and beyond reproach.

However, it has been well documented that once these paragons of virtue join with their sainted brethren they become the self-serving, duplicitous, tax and spend, endless pension-and-benefits-for life-benchwarmers that theysuccessfully replaced, with promises of lower taxes, smaller government and balanced budgets, that never ever, ever happen.

So you will pardon me if I’m just a bit skeptical when the next round of self proclaimed patriots stand up and pound the podium with echoes of their entrenched incumbent adversaries.

About the only thing that will end such incredulity will be either the Second Coming or the Second Amendment exercised against those that ignore the Constitution or harm our country. This observation occurred only after the threats of prosecution are no longer executed or feared by those that would bring this country to its knees.

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