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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Starting Over

There are many of us that truly believe our nation will not be saved by the election of Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney, while a nice guy, a CEO and good father, lacks the cojones to do what has to be done to salvage our great nation. Even though he was Governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Romney is first an administrator, not a politician. And quite frankly to save our country, we need neither.

What we need is a butcher, a timber faller or backhoe operator. In short, the first and foremost task of new leader is that he is going to take a hatchet, chainsaw or excavator to the EPA, the Energy Dept, the Labor Dept and Education Department, along with a few other duplicitous agencies that have mired our country in the ditch. In essence we need to start over by demolishing everything imposed upon us over the past 30 years and start over.

For instance, we fire everyone at the EPA and assign enforcement of a few basic rules to the first half dozen Nuns we meet walking down the street. It goes something like this: “If you contaminate our air, water or land with your pollution, we will come down on you like the B-52s came down on Hanoi". We will take everything you have and put the offenders and the CEOs in the hoosegow and we don’t care who you are, who your dad is or how much money you gave to who’s campaign. End of subject.

As for the Energy Dept., we will phase them out on the first Sunday in February. We will henceforth develop our energy future and cease selling our gas and oil to anyone outside the U.S.. I know that, “Oil is a global market”. But I also know that just a few short years ago all the ‘experts’ were touting “Peak Oil”. Well, I don’t know about you, but I am hedging my bets that selling off my finite resource will certainly come back to haunt us.

As for Labor, in today’s economy Labor means unions. Adios, let the free market determine who works for who, not some union boss.

And my favorite pi├▒ata, Education will be taken out by the very instrument they favor, the delete key. It’s a States Rights issue. Either they teach their kids or they will sink under the weight of their own ignorance. Via con dios

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