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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Singing to the Sheeples

We now interrupt these gold, auto insurance and widget commercials for eight more minutes of repeats of the top 9 stories in America. So goes the Cable News networks of today. It’s like we are being spoon fed anything but what is happening to America, so that we don’t think about how screwed we are.

Although I find it amusing that gold is being marketed to “Conservatives”, when George Soros (not exactly a bitter clinger) buys his gold by the pallets. Some companies are pitching those other precious metals like silver, and my personal favorite, tungsten, which is being found buried inside some gold bars. In which case, tungsten is the same price as gold.

Not a peep about the $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, not a word about the pending under-funded pension pandemic, not an utterance about the dozens of Directives, Executive Orders and Cabinet policy changes designed to make America, more dependent on Washington, D.C.. Not a mention about the socialization of America. Not even by Fox!

Instead, it’s just move on, nothing to see here. Ooh, ooh squirrel! We must find justice for Trayvon Martin, defend the U.S. against the pending climate disaster and shovel another 2 or 3 billion of borrowed money to Egypt with no preconditions. Like the previous 600 or 700 billion wasn’t enough.

Yes sir, burying ourselves in the minutia of racial controversy, free speech denial and how much Dixie Peach pomade Al Sharpton uses really feeds America’s need to know. No wait. Hold the presses. Keith Olbermann just got fired! OMG, what are his 453 viewers to do?

It really makes me yearn for reruns of the GEICO gecko, Flo’s Progressive mini-dramas and yes, Vinnie’s “Schticky” lint rollers. Especially since Vinnie’s black eye and broken nose have healed up. Damn, those $20 hookers really have an attitude.

How sad is it that we are seeking a back-story to some T.V. hucksters personal peccadilloes, to entertain us between the rehash of mindless quotations from U.S. Congressmen. Nevermind that most of these clowns spouting are the ones that brought us to this dance.. We are so screwed. Dumbplumber

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