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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Lesson for Lefties

Time for some reality to the Lefties of our land. You know the panty wearing, bed wetting, tree hugging, flash mobbing, planet saving, latte drooling, bedbug infested, Prius driving moonbats flying our country into the ground. Yes, Progressives, that means you too. Let’s review:

Government will never be big enough. Yessir, we are already spending $1.5 trillion more every year than we are taking in, but it’s just not enough.

The Rich aren’t paying enough. The upper 10% already pay over 70% of our income taxes. In fact, if you took every penny from these very productive folks, thereby making them penniless, you would fund the bloated U.S. government for less than 8 months.   Then it's goodbye Louise.

There aren’t enough union jobs. Atta Boy Barney, we already have a $115 trillion dollar unfunded liability to pension and healthcare benefit obligations, with only 12% of the nation unionized. Just think if we unionized the remaining 88%.

Autos and trucks aren’t clean enough. Here’s a clue Goober. We have been upping smog equipment and reducing fuel qualities, while lowering engine longevity since the sixties. But Lefties won’t be happy until we are back to horse and buggies. And if the horse farts, he’s outa here too.

Fuel mileage isn’t high enough. No matter what Detroit, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin or Rome does, their cars are never fuel efficient enough. Even the Liberals haven’t figured out that electric cars really operate on Hydro, Coal or Natural gas. Again they won’t be happy until everyone is either in rickshaws, stalled on the side of a muddy road in solar powered shoebox or waiting for the wind to spin up a wind powered recharging station.

Co2 isn’t low enough. Nevermind that Co2 is plant food, Liberals won’t be happy until America is a barren wasteland. Nothing says prosperity like a starving nation. I can see it now, everybody buying carbon credits for Old Faithful, Mt St. Helens and forest fires on Federal lands.

We are so screwed. 

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