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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grifter in Chief

With the victories of Barack Obama, William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, smear merchant--John Murtha and maybe even Home Improvement King--Ted Stevens, how can law enforcement ever look down upon common citizens and charge them with lying, cheating or stealing, ever again. The laws broken during this election cycle didn’t just set records they were so many and flagrant as to make Al Capone blush.

The Genie is definitely out of the bottle, when it comes to convicting common criminals for fraud, extortion or conspiracy, when we now have the First Grifter in Chief. Just try to convince a jury that someone scammed a few thousand from some corporation or government agency, when we just witnessed a “Sting” of unparalleled proportions, on America.

It is just unclear whether Obama voters and supporters were bought, hypnotized or are just plain “stuuupid“. But what is not unclear is that tens or hundreds of millions of illegal contributions flooded into Obama coffers with not so much as a whimper. Nor was it unclear that the future “Marxist in Chief” plans to re-distribute the wealth. And if you read carefully between the lines, things are going to get a lot better for the Have-Nots at the expense of the Haves, whether they work or not.

So while Barack is trying to figure out how he is going to pay for all his promises, without raising taxes on 95% of working Americans, he can keep himself busy pardoning all those that committed felonies putting him in office.

I suspect it will be a busy first 100 days.

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