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Friday, November 21, 2008

“O” Allrighty Then

America is all a-twitter that Obama hasn’t spoken to the nation about his plans to lead. Oh, I suggest that Obama’s cabinet picks are speaking much louder than a megaphone in an elevator. And while those stuck in “the cult of personality” frantically await the Messiah’s next utterance and marching orders, the 48% of America that knows the difference between Nancy Pelosi and Judge Judy, are packing their pantries, buying ammo and joining the NRA.

Meanwhile, the stock market is dropping like a boulder off a trestle, the auto industry is sinking like Mark Spitz wearing an anvil anklet and about the only silver lining is the glow off the hair-plugged pates of the former CEOs-- now Wal Mart greeters-- who held all their retirement in stock.

Oh yeah, Obama may not be talking, but America is listening. They’re listening to Barack drag out and recycle tanned, rested and ready Clintonistas. Now, there’s hope and change.

So the America that didn’t vote for The Messianic puff of smoke, is voting with their wallets. And suddenly the sound of pocketbooks slamming shut is trumping the whimpers of the early birds lining up at the Obama Entitlement Pay Window. Just wait till January 20, when the party faithful discover that they will be taking their promised bonanza in IOU’s and Just Trust Me’s.

Can’t wait to see how these work in the liquor stores, tattoo parlors and Seven Eleven’s.

Gonna go buy me some ear plugs, so I don’t have to endure wailing and gnashing of those so disillusioned that Oprah won’t be able to calm them down. Now that’s an “O” moment.

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