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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bail Out O'Rama

Well, it’s the Bailout-O-Rama (kind of rhymes with Obama, doesn’t it?) and now the Auto Giants want a piece of the action. Or, at least their Unions do anyway. Not that we haven’t thrown away too much money already!

Seems that as the share prices of the Detroit Big Three drop to historic lows, Union leaders want American workers-- most of whom are not union-- to pony up and guarantee the outrageous packages they extorted from these corporations, causing this situation. (Think Pan Am, TWA, Eastern Airlines and a host of other corporations suffocated to death by Unions). Kind of like an armed robber demanding you give him more bullets, during the heist.

Somewhere down the food chain, unions forgot how to be symbiotic. The successful parasite doesn’t kill its host, it just sucks enough life to exist and, in a perfect world, actually provide a benefit, which is NOT what the UAW does. Remember, the UAW is not a participant in the successful “Detroit South” auto industry. “Detroit South” is the emergence of the Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, etc. factories that dot the Southeastern section of our country.

You see, while the UAW was strangling and smothering the Big Three in the north, some very cagey Orientals were quietly building an auto empire down south. They had a more temperate climate and a ready and willing workforce more than happy to toil for wages far exceeding their neighbors, but not so high as to thwart the host’s profits. They didn’t threaten strikes or shutdowns in return for unsustainable and outrageous health or pension plans. They just built cars, took home great pay and enjoyed the American Dream, while Detroit tried to swim along, with the Unions shackled on them like a ball and chain.

So now, Unions want ALL of America to guarantee them the cushy deals that is bankrupting entire cities like Vallejo and San Bruno, in California, deals that are unsustainable, punitive and suicidal.

People, these pay and benefit plans will bankrupt the Nation if we don’t get them turned around. The Gravy Train is over. We either get rid of the parasites or at least find some we can live with.

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