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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah and the Media

So now, Sarah Palin is the talk of the town, instead of the butt of the joke. Fresh from her vice-presidential defeat, Palin is in high demand by most of the lowlifes of the entertainment industry. Leno, Letterman and Stewart, and that is just the night owls. Oprah, Stephanopoulos, Brokaw and Schieffer, they all want her. Guess they must have discovered some flesh still left on her bones.

It’s hard to get your head around the self-indulgent arrogance of the Media elite, when they can spend 2 months excoriating someone, then once they have achieved the desired effect (character assassination), they invite the victim back to have them “explain the pain” and just WHAT went wrong.
Oh, I don’t know, perhaps the media were so enamored with their own culpabilities, they just wanted everyone to know how efficient they are in reducing charm, character and principle into a bowl of moose chili, right before America’s eyes.

But try as they might, they failed miserably in proving that Palin was a drag on John McCain’s campaign. Oh, they said she was. Their colleagues said she was. Their echoes rippled through the character assassin’s sewer system, that is the Mainstream Media. But Media’s failure was to convince the rest of America, both Red and Blue. Red cheered, Blue feared.

You see, by every measure, McCain was on life support prior to Palin. Her appearance, stage left, resuscitated his stagnant campaign, because other than his tired assertions, there wasn’t a conservative bone in him.

Stepping off the well concealed flight from Anchorage, Palin did something, that Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney combined couldn’t do. She struck fear in the hearts and minds of elitists, already armed with all the prejudice, bigotry and slander necessary to bury the predicted frontrunners.

Well, their mission was successful, McCain lost. But his fall was cushioned by a few million voters who came out, more for Palin than McCain. And now the snarkey snobs, who crow over their success, secretly shudder at the notion that a more seasoned and scarred Sarah lurks in the political wings

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