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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too Big to Fail

Has anyone but me noticed that Washington D.C., Wall Street and our biggest bankers are acting like it is 2005... rock on. While America languishes with an uncertain future, our biggest investment and insurance giants are all busy getting pedicures, sipping $19 lattes and suffering under the knowledge that it is all going to be picked up by taxpayers. Yes, life is good, when you’re too big to fail.

Of course, it is all being portrayed as morale boosting sales conferences, where executives are trying to bullshit producers into believing that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a locomotive.

No, it isn’t a locomotive, it’s the headlight on a submersible. Because the only ones that “party down” in this financial environment are too stupid to know they are under water.

Time to hand Big Bankers, Big Insurance executives and Big Auto, buckets. Time for them to bail themselves out, scuttle the luxuries, shed the ball and chain-- that is the predatory unions, abandon the self-delusion that they are not expendable. And for those who are trying to bailout an institution that is already submerged, remember, “If you are have dug yourself into a hole, STOP digging”.

For America to go forward, we have to stop letting the inmates run the asylum. Most of Congress has deluded themselves into believing THEY are the ones to do something to get us out of this mess. Yet not one of them has admitted that they are the ones responsible for getting us into IT.

And what did America do, just a few days ago? They returned the same Shitwads back to Congress that flew this plane into the ground. And they hired a clown to pilot this wreck, that is more suited for parking Yugos than leading the Ship of State. They will soon learn that “disappointment” is a lagging indicator.

Can’t wait for the reality to set in that Obama-mania is a disease rather than a cure.

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