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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obama's Brown Shirts

Seems like every day that I wake up since Nov. 4, 2008, I feel like I’m in a Rod Serling, parallel universe. Initially, I couldn’t believe that America had actually elected the “Puff of Smoke” to lead our nation. But once I got a glimpse of the sheeples that stampeded the polls to vote for “The One”, I understood immediately why we are so screwed.

An interesting cross section of Liberal voters revealed that many couldn’t tell Joe Biden from Joe Torres, Justice Ginsberg from Judge Judy or Ben Bernanke from Benny Hill. But by God, they knew it was great that Obama had picked Sarah Palin for VP, that he was supporting both wars and that he wanted Bill Ayers for Attorney General. Now THAT’S an informed electorate. So, now what?

Well two things have now reared their ugly heads. First the President elect has immediately disappointed the far Left, by picking many of the old “Clintonistas” to fill his cabinet positions. And second, he has committed himself to a “Civilian National Security Force“, which has raised the “Socialist detection” antennas on the Right.

Now it is easy to for Obama to “Bull S**t” his way around the Left (remember he conned them into voting for him), so he can weave any poetic platitudes as an excuse for hiring Hillary and company, and most likely get away with it-- think millions glued to Oprah and Jerry Springer, just waiting for their next stimulus check to arrive.

But just try and blow-by the notion of an American version of Hitler’s “Brownshirts” enforcing every petty assessment, tax, fee, levy, duty, tariff, toll and tithe. Then add to that, door to door enforcement of coming draconian codes, covenants, commandments, canons, ordinances, regulations, statutes and acts designed to contain the populous and extract the last farthing to finance the Socialist agenda.

Well folks, there are just two weaknesses to this plan. One, we still have the Second Amendment, and to a gun shop, Americans are exercising this right in record numbers. Second, unlike the Nazi Brown Shirts, Obama’s will have a very wide yellow stripe down the back, due to weakness #1. So, watch first for a concerted effort to eliminate that little obstacle.

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