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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Obama of OZ

Has the world gone freeking nuts? A CD on Obama, books about Obama, Obama chotchkies, Obama bobblehead dolls, for Christ’s sake… an Obama Pez dispenser.

What’s next, Obama dingle balls, Obama Christmas tree ornaments, Obama oven mitts, Obama condoms (they say Xtra Large, but any pencil dick can wear them), Obama jockstraps, and maybe, someday Obama hoola hoops, but the “AMA” will make it a little lopsided.

The latest phrase attaching itself to Barack is, “cult of personality”. That is the code for, “the lemmings have fallen in love with the smoke and fire, instead of the Wizard“. And folks, I hate to tell you, but there is no balloon to take them back to Kansas. They have hooked their dreams to a myth . A myth that is about to disillusion them in a way they will not soon forget.

Not unlike the Elixir peddler/later knob-turning Wizard impersonator, Obama will be spinning every wheel he can grab, to blow the smoke and fire the flames, hopefully distracting his minions long enough to return the curtain back to where HE will not be responsible for anything. Hey Barack, good luck with that one.

However, I pity you once the slackers, deadbeats, the chemically dependant and the DNA-deprived discover that you have NO intention of keeping, not some, but any of your promises. I suggest that once the Liberal elite discover that their Upstate farm houses were blown away by bean farts, from a bad burrito, instead of a tornado, not even the MSM (Main Stream Media) will be able to bail you out.

No Barack, you may be riding the Horse of Many Colors right now, but America’s Liberal jackasses are going to kick your butt, when they emerge from their pharmaceutical induced haze to my grandmother’s old saying, “don’t bit off more than you can chew”. And Barack, you just bit off more than Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore’s love child could chew.

Sorry about the flight delay Barack, but the only one going back to Kansas anytime soon is Dorothy.

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