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Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Curse of being Right

One of the things about being a keen observer of politics is that once you have made a prediction, you have to wait for weeks--sometimes months--for the media and pundits to catch up. And catch up they do, but they do it kicking and screaming at bloggers who often beat them to the punch.

Take for instance the pay and benefit packages of public employees. It was over a year ago that the Dumbplumber said that they were “unsustainable”. Nevermind that they had been extorted from City, County and State governments threatened with shutdown, by union goons more interested in control and filling union coffers than a working representative government.

Of course the economic downturn didn’t help much. Bad, mediocre, even historically good investments by union fund managers and public employee fund managers reaped billions in losses to funds, heaping those billions on the backs of taxpayers shackled with the duty of making them whole. Many taxpayers whom lacked either health insurance or pensions themselves. But the point was, the economic downturn exposed the obscenely bloated entitlements afforded to rank and file public employees.

And the Dumbplumber was pilloried by Lefties, union lackeys and public employee sycophants offended by the observation. He was labeled a knuckle dragging, Right Wingnut parroting Bushco. That was then, this is now.

Again, many months ago the Dumbplumber characterized Obama as a flaming Socialist appearing to be much more like a young Hitler than the leader of the free world. His “redistribution of wealth” visions being applied to the auto, insurance, banking, energy and health industries, while not just draining the treasury but borrowing from a communist country, then spending that on public entitlement and union controlled construction projects as well. Boy did the howling ratchet up after that one.

Hey folks, this isn’t crystal ball time. The man has told us then surrounded himself with people prepared to drive the U.S. into the dark ages. It was just that the Dumbplumber was listening. But take heart people, the Dumbplumber isn’t alone. You’re about to witness what happens when we have an election without ACORN helping out Democrats.

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