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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Enter The Obamacracy

It is often said that, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. Well if that’s true, America’s Constitution--by way of the U.S. Congress-- is being treated like a Republican Bloopers Marathon on John Stewart’s Daily Show.

Ignoring the Constitution isn’t a new thing. It has been going on since Woodrow Wilson thought it was a good idea to tax and spend our way out of a depression, while simultaneously erecting economic blockades to any moves toward prosperity. And we all know how well that worked out.

But once we started the Socialist snowball down the hill, passing un-constitutional laws became Congress’ favorite pastime. To the point that recently a Senator commented, “It’s our job to pass laws. It’s the citizen’s job to prove they’re unconstitutional”. Well, I’m glad he cleared that up, since it takes about a week to craft and vote on an unconstitutional bill, but it takes years to get it up to the Supreme Court, where they assess constitutionality with all the impartiality a pack of jackals shows a fresh kill.

Our Constitution--arguably the greatest governing document ever produced --is being shredded, trampled on and ignored by the very body charged with protecting it. Every Administration and Congress--back to before WWII-- has basically ignored the Constitutional limitations set on government. But our leaders will readily refer to the Constitution’s power when dodging requests for remedies to pressing social issues. Talk about swinging from both sides of that plate!

But never in the history of this once great nation, has the Constitutional Meat Grinder been shifted into overdrive. No my friends, if the Porkulus Bill, the Auto Takeover, the Banking Bailout, the Union Bailouts and the coming Knee Cap and Trade and Obamacare doesn’t wake you up to the total abdication of the U.S. Constitution, nothing will.

So if you are still waiting for your Bailout, your Green job, your Tax Cut, your Free Healthcare, Subsidized Energy and non-Union Porkulus job, you might take off your tinfoil hat and consider a .357 dirt nap. Cause it ain’t happenin’ folks. The

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