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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin Mania

From time to time someone needs to tell the political elites, campaign operatives, partisan consultants and flapping lipped idiots to just shut up. And when it comes to Sarah Palin, this just might be one of those times.

For someone who is, “not smart enough to be president“….“is a political joke”…. “has no chance to get elected”…. and ….“needs to get more experience”, she has garnered more criticism and fame than any other politician, celebrity or author in recent history. So much so, that the attention paid to her, by rabid MSM critics, has become an embarrassment to many respected political pundits.

However, the Palin Mania is different from all other hysterical, historical moments. She hasn't won an Academy Award, the Pulitzer, a Golden Globe, a Grammy or even the Nobel. No, she is a former Governor of Alaska, whose only mistake was saying yes to John McCain, to be his VP pick. It was a gift to McCain, because his campaign was in the dumper until she arrived. But it was a curse for Palin, because she actually brought life back into McCain's chances, which was not the “Plan” for the MSM, who hand picked him to lose against the chosen Democrat.

As an outside observer, the Dumbplumber often says that there has never been a newly elected president that was prepared to be President. There is no “President’s” school other than on-the-job training, so it is often repeated that challengers “aren’t smart enough to be president”.

Well, history has shown that measurable intelligence isn’t a guarantee of a good president, former presidents Hoover, Nixon, Carter and now the Harvard educated, Dr. Utopia is living proof of that.

No, our most successful presidents were people of faith, of humble character and rock solid core beliefs. You know, the exact opposite of what we have now. And you gotta love those, who trumpet Palin’s lack of “experience”. Well, her resume of campaign successes, private sector accomplishments and political envy will just have to speak for itself. As a reality check, you will have to remind me just which members of the Congress ever left office more humble, patriotic and chaste than they arrived.

But it’s the Palin envy that has stymied the media. Never has there been this level of envy in American politics. And the MSM doesn’t just hate her, they fear her and are, at the same time, the main reason for her fame. Her popularity in middle America just drives Blue State Liberals and their puppet media nuts. And they can’t do a damn thing about it, but attempt character assassination, which most of America has already figured out.

Palin is not a Messiah. Nope, we already have one of those and it isn’t working so well. No, she believes in the inner spirit of the people to solve our their own problems, a notion quite foreign to Dr. Utopia.

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