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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lawrence of NBC

Well, it didn’t take Lawrence O’Donnell very long to take aim at Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue. O’Donnell didn’t bother reading the book, he simply extracted comments by the 11 Assoc. Press proof readers, to load his arsenal of vacuous rants. However, so not to be unfair and unbalanced, one is compelled to ask, why didn’t Larry review the two Obama books which is littered with a plethora of wishful inaccuracies?

A closer look at the self proclaimed “practical European socialist” shows us that Larry’s only claim to fame seems to be his stints as Chief of Staff of both Senate Finance and the Environment and Public works committees from 1992 through 1995, then as Agitator in Chief from 2002 to this day. His resume accurately omits any real job requiring anything other than “lip flapping lackey“, which seems to be his only redeeming quality or inequality whichever floats your boat.

Larry’s shining accomplishments appear to be erroneously accusing Karl Rove as the one that outed Valarie Plame as a CIA agent to journalist, Matt Cooper, that reported it in a story. Of course we later discover that it wasn’t Karl after all. But he was AWOL at all opportunities to apologize to “The Brain” for his lack of tact and accuracy.

Larry (easily confused with Larry of Larry, Daryl and Daryl) also has had his moments, on air, screaming “Liar, Liar, Liar….” about 30 times at John O’Neil, Swift Boat Spokesman, during a MSNBC Scarborough Country segment in 2004, until he was mercifully pulled off the set during an ad segment. And he has performed encores of this behavior on several other venues, where his uncontrolled diatribes at fellow panelists and guests were allowed to run well beyond their effective usefulness.

No, it is not clear just how Lawrence has continued to reappear on the Peacock Network’s various programs, other than O’Donnell has some very compromising photos of GE’s CEO, Jeffery Immelt sharing galoshes with farm animals. But absent that, there is no reasonable excuse for allowing O’Donnell to take up one more moment of valuable air time.

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