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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

You gotta love it.

The same folks that believe that we are here by mere chance, rather than Intelligent Design, can’t figure out how “Chance” did it either.

And if that isn’t enough, while they believe in evolution--with the fight on “global warming”-- they are trying to figure out NOW how to stop “Chance”.

Being a tree hugging Progressive must be a bitch.

Reporting on the elections:

Bob McDonnell ( R ) has just taken Creigh Deeds ( D )for the Governor of Virginia. McDonnell was heard saying to supporters upon his victory, “And you can see the White House from my front porch”.

7:30 and New Jersey just elected Chris Christie their new Governor. Seems that those last 5 visits Obama made on Corzine’s behalf worked well for Christie. Ah to be Robert Gibbs, the new Excuser Czar.

A good nights sleep to find that Doug Hoffman biffed it in New York’s 23rd District. Well, you couldn’t actually say it was a blowout. Hoffman wasn’t even a resident of “23”, but somehow garnered almost 50% of the vote. Meanwhile Dede Scozzafava the original “Republican” candidate received 6%, even after she removed herself from competition. You gotta love the “Conservatives” from upstate New York. No wonder they are getting ready to “re-draw” the District lines….Again. Since Mr. Hoffman ‘was’ a District resident until the lines were redrawn before the election.

The Dumbplumber believes that Democrats have learned nothing from these elections. However, “establishment” Republicans should be listening to this shot across their bow. Don’t ignore the Voters. You do at your peril.

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