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Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Message from General George S Dumbplumber. Listen UP Maggots

The Battle for Healthcare

Ok maggots, this is General George S. Dumbplumber and it’s time for a little Reveille on the current Battle on healthcare. First, drop and give me 50 if you are dumb enough to think this is about Your health, Your care, Your insurance or Your opinion. It isn’t. It’s about control, you dirt eating Dipshits, so get over it. The folks back in D.C. care about your healthcare about as much as they care about the colors in camo.

Second, if they gave a gnats ass about your health, they would tell you to eat three squares and get a good nights sleep. They would carpet bomb you with warnings to stay away from the bottle, trash the cigs and drugs and push your sorry butts away from the T.V. for a few minutes every day for some push ups, and to spend a little more time at the salad bar….but they don’t.

Your care. You have got to be shitting me maggots. America has the greatest healthcare system in the world and don’t you forget it. The Commander-in-Chief, on the other hand, wants to change all that.

Third, if you think this is about health insurance, pull your head out of your ass and blow the crap out your ears. Insurance is what you get for a rainy day. But it’s only been raining cats and dummies in D.C. since there‘ve been pup tents. Now this is where it starts to get real stupid, and as we all know, you can’t stop stupid.

We got one side of the isle up there in D.C. acting and the other side re-acting. Everybody agrees that health insurance is too expensive, but do these sorry A-holes want to do anything about it. No maggots. They admit that lawyers--and you know how much General Dumbplumber loves lawyers--cost America’s healthcare system tens if not hundreds of billions every year, but not a peep about taking a Howitzer to them. Ditto, fraud, waste and corruption admittedly costs another few hundred billion, but I don’t hear so much as a grenade pin drop on that land mine.

Maggots, what I hear is we are going to make everyone part of Obama’s Healthcare Army. And we know how well that works out. Under this little slice of brain surgery the slackers, dopers and losers will be sucking up hospital beds, doctors and meds, while you dummies will be doing their pushups, peeling their potatoes and scrubbing their pots. Get it dummies?
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Imagine for a moment maggots that everyone is going on a 10 mile forced march, but 6 out of ten of you will be packing one of the limp wristed, pencil necked, losers the whole damned way. And not just them, but their packs and weapons too. How you gonna like that soldiers? That’s what you get when you let Liberals start thinking for themselves… and us.

Ok here’s the deal mush heads. Congress has decided to make all of you carry the load, while trial lawyers, gamers and douche bags get rich picking our treasury clean. Meanwhile bureaucrats become the growth industry of America. And as for your opinion, they can’t handle your opinion…in other words, “they don’t need your ‘stinking’ opinion”.

No maggots, the folks in charge will sell you down the river as quickly as they would “can” Obama’s farts and sell them as an air freshener.
And in the meantime, America is being bombarded with rhetoric, from the Left, so twisted, mangled and distorted, it’s beginning to look more like a target range than comprehensible press releases.

Hell people, Congressional Leaders can’t even camouflage Government run healthcare. First it was the Single Payer then, the Public Option, then a Co-op, then Opt Out, then…oh hell there’s been so many, even the General can’t keep up. Bottom line is it will eventually be Socialized Medicine, no matter what you call it now. I know, I know, the argument is that the Army has “socialized” medicine now. But you all forget that the Army is an all volunteer operation protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States, as opposed to the House and Senate, who are all busy tearing it apart. Just try and NOT volunteer for the Healthcare Plan coming down the pike and see what that gets you.

So maggots, when you get done with that 50, give me another 100 if you think you will be better off with Nancy Pelosi running your healthcare. This is a woman that buys her Botox by the barrel and make-up by the bucket. Not exactly qualities that endear confidence in the open and transparent leadership we were all promised just a year ago.

Gen. George S. Dumbplumber

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