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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What He Says

It is often said that you need to watch what Obama does and not what he says, to understand the man. I say, hogwash, humbug, horse hockey, bohunk, horse feathers, bull pucky. To understand this charlatan you need only to decifer what he means when he speaks, to understand what is about to be shoved up your sphincter.

For instance: When Obama says, “We need to Invest in Education”, that means he wants to shove another boatload of money into under-funded teacher pension plans, to pad the teacher union lackey’s salaries and hire more incompetent teachers to keep our kids dumbed-down. Nevermind that a huge chunk of this money ends up back in Obama’s campaign coffers (read retirement fund).

When Obama hypes his “Infrastructure Stimulus” spending, it’s shorthand for dumping hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into bloated, repetitive, redundant and often unnecessary ‘union’ construction projects. (Please note that NOT one penny of this stimulus goes directly to non-union construction companies. Which means that over 90% of working America never sees a dime of direct stimulus, even though those companies are just as qualified and a whole lot less expensive, when building roads, bridges and airports, than their union counterparts.) It's sort of 'trickle down' Obama style.  Unions get the cake, non-union gets the crumbs.

And when He says he wants to spend more billions on “science and technology”, you can bet he's funneling more billions to NASA, for their Muslim outreach projects. Or better yet, he wants to piss away more tax money on “green technology” that doesn’t meet the muster of his Green Energy Agenda.

Which brings us to the Green Energy boondoggle. Never Has so Much Been Spent on So Few to Produce So Little.  Tens of billions have been thrown at companies destined to fail before they received the first taxpayer dollar. Then to add injury to insult, taxpayers are hammered again, with the endless federal subsidies required to keep these inefficient, uncompetitive and impractical projects afloat.

No my friends, the Hustler-in-Chief has us by the ’short hairs’, feeding us dog food and telling us it's filet.  Meanwhile our representatives in Congress busy themselves with Congressional waivers and pay increases while professing that they feel our pain.  It's enough to make Putin blush.

We Are So Screwed.

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