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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grilling Hillary

Hillary’s Bengazi Hearings….Bad questions, Worse answers. But remember, she's grooming herself to be president!

Add the dead bodies in Bengazi to those that have followed Hillary all the way from Little Rock. Not a woman to piss off, ask Vince Foster. Memo to Rand Paul: Watch your back and stay off park benches.

What was missing from the hearings on Bengazi today were the elephants, not in the room, the survivors. They are MIA. They are being held, away from reporters, away from investigators, away from Congressional hearings. Put one of these 800 lb. gorillas in the room and watch Hillary pee all over herself.

Hillary’s moral outrage comes after many decades of being married to Bill. All she has to do is ‘project’ and the rest comes from memory and repetition.

For a woman that has just had brain surgery, has designs on 2016 and has far more answers than interrogators have questions, this is the perfect storm for the Rodham She-Devil.

It was a very busy day for Mrs. Clinton. She sought sympathy for her recent medical condition, cried for the benefit of victim’s family members, juggled fantasy and reality simultaneously, answered questions that weren’t asked, badgered Congressmen when cornered and manufactured moral outrage when all else failed.

Many folks are still shaking their heads that Hillary paid off the multi-million dollar debt from her 2008 campaign on the same week she sat before the Congressmen on Bengazi. Not to worry Hillary, if they won’t audit Obama’s campaign finances, they sure as Hell won’t look at yours.

Everyone can rest assured that the only casualty of this despicable event, besides those that died in Bengazi, will not be Hillary, but that poor schmuck that made the Muslim documentary.

And finally, once again, Hillary was helping the most powerful man in the world dodge accountability for scandalous behavior.

We are so screwed.

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