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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Blaming Brinksmanship

A recent AP story in our local paper claims that Brinksmanship is tainting the fiscal cliff talks. I say, Brinksmanship? Brinksmanship! It’s such a screwed up word that the Thesaurus doesn’t have another word that describes how screwed up it is.

If this is how this Country is to be ran, it is time for either another revolution or for some very skilled Patriots to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. When we got down to whether or not Congress extorts more ransom from the taxpayers, because they have pledged over a trillion more each year than we give them now, it’s time for some adults to end the Parties.

The cry for more, More, MORE in taxes is drowning out any whimpers for less, Less, LESS in spending. It is so bad, that even asking for ending waste, fraud and corruption in SSI, Medicare and the Farm Bill isn’t even on the table. And that number could well eclipse over $500 billion a year. Or well over the cost of all the wars we are funding each year.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that none of this is going to have a good ending. And with the president announcing that he is going to be coming after this nation’s private arsenals, the bad may well come long before the good.

There are many among us who haven’t just read between the lines, bur are actually reading the lines, and their deepest fears may well spark the action that our Congress lacks. And the resulting catastrophe isn’t about black and white, Left or Right, but between right and wrong. Too bad Congress didn’t see this coming.

I suspect the next big AP event will make Sandy Hook look like a day in the park.

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