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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's the Spending Stupid

Washington, D.C. has a problem, a big problem. Conservatives, along with most RINOs will tell you it’s a spending problem. Liberals will tell you it’s a revenue problem. (shorthand for not enough taxes). Dumbplumber will tell you it’s a painful ignorance problem, because neither the Right or Left has the integrity to tell you they lack the moral authority to stop waste, fraud and corruption. In D.C. spending other people’s money is the rule, not the exception. Justifying where it went is NOT a job requirement.

And this isn’t a case of lack of evidence. Because whether it is Medicare, SSI, the EBT program, the Farm Bill or a host of other government give-aways, there exists a paper trail even Inspector Clousseau could follow. Which begs the question, why isn’t anyone tracking this waste down and cleaning it up?

From the Carnival Barker-in-Chief down to the lowliest bureaucrat, they will tell you that they have cut the waste to the bone. However, from the CBO to the last Inspector General, they will tell you that between SSI and Medicare, the fraud eclipses a half a trillion per year. And not to point out the obvious, but if you can’t cancel an EBT card used at a massage parlor, liquor store or Indian Casino, well then don’t apply for a position as a Wal-Mart greeter.

And the irony is the 24/7 news cycle has become a sideshow instead of an expose‘. The focus has become the struggle between Democrats and Republicans, like a WWF Smackdown, rather than anyone saying, “Where the Hell Is My Money going“? Neither side cares, nor is willing to act, but rather spend their time on the Congressional steps and Sunday news shows blathering on about each other.

Of course, the short and easy answer is to put a bounty on the waste and fraud. Let those lacking ‘power, control and getting re-elected’ genes receive a reward for shutting down the corruption that is bankrupting the nation. Nevermind that Medicare fraud alone could finance another three wars on top of the ones we have now.

There should be a 'time out' penalty for the Pin Heads, who still blame Bush for our fiscal nightmare, instead of a slot on the evening news cycle.

We Are So Screwed.

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