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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Control Response

This is a response to a local newspaper editor, who doesn't see any problems with President Obama's Commission on Gun Violence Recommendations:

Well Bruce, I have several objections. But first I must state that not ONE of these items came from our President, not one. He had a staff of Big Government types sit down and figure out how to further intrude into our lives, while law enforcement isn’t enforcing the laws on the books already.

Two: It is no business of a doctor to know if anyone possesses a gun. And it certainly isn’t their job to ’rat’ on anyone if they do….unless the doctor has intimate knowledge that the patient is about to hurt themselves or someone else. You might tell this president to leave the doctors alone, he has done them enough damage already.

Three: It is none of my business if my neighbor on the left wants to sell his legal weapons to the neighbor on my right. Furthermore, it’s none of the president’s business either. I prefer that both my neighbors have guns and will use them to protect me and my property, because law enforcement sure as Hell can’t.

Four: Please point out to me which of these proposals would have prevented Sandy Hook, the Aurora massacre, or any of the recent spate of killings that has the media apoplectic?

Five: If gun control works, why is the president’s home town of Chicago almost the gun murder capitol of America? It appears that gun control is anathema to reducing gun violence.

Six: With America going in the crapper, why is this clown even considering more gun control. What we need is the Media to STOP glorifying these random events on the 24/7 news cycle. Then we need them to STOP attaching these violent acts to the hundreds of millions of peace loving citizens that own guns. Show me one place where citizens are disarmed and there is peace. Forget Prisons. Enough already.

Seven: This president wants EVERY gun in America to be either confiscated or registered. That was the exact plan introduced by one whacko in Germany in the late 30’s and we saw how well that worked out. Get a clue Bruce, buy a vowel. This isn’t hard, it’s HISTORY.

And Eight: Not a word about putting out-of-work veterans to work protecting schools. Oh, no, no. What we're gonna do is hire more ""UNION"" cops for the job.

Way to go Bo-Bo.

Molon Lobe--Don’t Tread On Me.

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