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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dot Connecting

There are those that couldn’t ‘connect the dots’ if the dots were tattooed on the backs of their hands. Take California’s notice of a drop in children at their schools. Myopic California, not unlike the elitist Northeast, are beginning to wake up to the possibility that there won’t be any young workers to bleed dry in a few years to pay for the bloated government and never ending welfare society, they have created.

California is even unhappy they are losing much of their immigrants (read illegal aliens), because while they breed like rats, they also are looking for a place to work.

Quite frankly, a 5 year old, given a picture of what California is doing, would pack their bags and move to Texas tomorrow. It’s just that simple. You go where work, a promise of opportunity and hope for prosperity exist, and it doesn’t exist here.

Oh that’s unless you’re a computer programmer or computer engineer. So if California is pinning its hopes on Palo Alto to suck it out of the ditch, think again. Palo Alto could easily move to Amarillo next week and Sacramento can’t. Let that be the shot across your bow.

This is not a phenomena, it’s an integral part of history. Today the Greeks and Spaniards are bailing out to greener pastures because their governments have failed them. At least the Vikings had a better reason to abandon Greenland, leaving behind the older generation….the cold.

Sacramento doubling down on Greece and Spain, is trying its best to prove, once and for all, that ‘you can’t stop stupid‘. Try as they might to tell us otherwise, there’s no way to sugar coat the reality…..big government, bigger taxes, more control over free enterprise is NOT a winning combination for pay-as-you-go government.

No my hopelessly naïve friends, if you believe California, with the environmentalists, socialist/Marxists/power hungry/big government politicians and Hollywood Liberals running the show can put together a winning plan, I’ve got a Dot Factory in Nowhere to sell you.

We are So Screwed

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