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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama Who?

One of the things I hate to do, when blogging or just writing, is to repeat myself. But with Obama, I find myself repeating, repeating and repeating the obvious, probably because America, on November 6th, demonstrated it is one of the dumbest countries on the planet. Let me explain.

I have often described Barack as a Communist/Socialist/Fascist. All true, not because he is all these things, but because he is a little of each, and then some. He is also a pathetic, narcissistic, double dealing, back stabbing, manipulative, double talking, divisive, Constitution hating, power hungry, crony capitalist, underhanded, union corrupted, sorry-assed example of American leadership. But then that also represents a good portion of our Congress, which is not a good combination, when the two are working together against America.

It has been our misfortune that the news of this combination has been suppressed by Big Media, who hasn’t just ignored these vile qualities, but has actively supported the policies, regulations and oppressive taxes foisted by Obama on America. This is REALLY not a good combination.

But like all bad things, eventually the rubber is going to meet the road. And in this case, the rubber has center punched the soft spot of America, the 2nd Amendment. Now you can argue that “America wants gun control”, but you can’t argue that America has more private gun ownership than the Chinese and India armies combined…..and are buying hundreds of thousands more each week.

You see, America had one incident where a monarch was attempting to disarm them and it didn’t work out well for the monarch. Too bad Obama missed that day of history class at Harvard. As well as he has overestimated his ability to seize America’s guns today. Because between the hundreds of millions of weapons already in the hands of our citizens, when the patriots of our military stands down in support of our Constitution, he won’t have a snowball in Hell’s chance of surviving the move.

Falling under--Careful What You Wish for Mr. President-- because your true colors are even being seen by those that have supported you AND posses guns.   Mark this decision in the sand because crossing it might just be your undoing.

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