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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bail Out Bandages

It is unclear when the Collapse began. You know, the series of meltdowns that triggered the financial emergencies we began treating with “Billion- dollar Bailout Bandages”, meant to put the wheels back on the train and the train back on the tracks. But to many observers of human nature, we believe that while everyone’s attention was on the bandages, someone had taken away the tracks.

You see, there are many that think that America’s demise began when, opportunity was abandoned for leisure, responsibility for freedom, obligation for self indulgence and we began to leave the tracks. And once the notion, of payment to NOT provide, support, or otherwise contribute to society, was ingrained in the human experiment, the wheels came off.

However all these things were reversible until political leaders--immersed in their positions of perpetual power--saw opportunity for eternal influence, by addicting their addlepated admirers with unending entitlements. A great idea for leaders……. for the masses, not so much.

For while our representatives were peppering their political paths with entitlement peons, Environmentalists and lower level bureaucrats were completing the Armageddon Trifecta, by convincing the “lowlifes of leisure” that they could change the world…..for the better. Meanwhile, working America was struggling like a swimmer in a straightjacket, wearing a bowling ball necklace.

It has long been known that our financial fabric was very delicate. But for decades we mustered on in ignorant bliss, right up and until some Harvard economist decided it was a good idea to sell, barter or bundle debt as a financial instrument. But there were commissions, lots of commissions. And once you get one piggy at the trough, it’s damn hard to keep the other ones away. PhD’s, Mba’s and Doctorates from our most elite schools couldn’t wait to trade away the hard working people’s money for puffs of “silver lined” smoke. Smoke that we are now blowing away with gold plated hair dryers.

But not to worry America. There has never been a tragedy that Congress could not make worse.

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