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Friday, January 23, 2009

What did I learn today?

News Flash: Caroline Kennedy has taken herself out of the running for Senator from New York.

A shocked Democrat electorate awaited the official announcement from Frau Kennedy/Schlossberg.

“Ladies and er, uh, um gentlemen, you know, like I er, um don’t need this crap, you know. I um, you know have like a ton of um money and um a law degree and like um I am all busy supporting education and er waiting for um uncle Teddy to bit the like, um big one.

So, there you have it folks. Caroline Kennedy is officially out of the running for Hillary Clinton’s seat………Next.


Had Barack Obama told America, before November 4, what he has been saying since November 4, Sarah Palin would be vice President today.


The new nominee for U.S. Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, has admitted that he had no interest or intent to pay his back taxes from 2001 and 2002 (because statutes had lapsed), until he was being vetted for a position, that would make him the boss at the IRS.


With Republicans crossing the isle, in droves, to vote with Democrats on Bank Bailouts, Stimulus Packages, Jobs Creation and everything Socialist, Conservatism isn’t dead……’s Dead and Stinking.

Both old school Conservatives and Blue Dog Democrats are standing at the station watching the Liberals and Moderate Republicans, on the Bullet Train, go by at 300 mph.
AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS…..The Dumbplumber

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