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Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Siree, RNC

Just what was it I did to give the Republican National Committee the idea that I was going to support their ambitions for future elections? Well, first was, I gave a few donations to Fred Thompson. You know. He was the Federalist guy that hit the stage running, right after he kept the MSM talking heads sitting in the car for about 4 months, while he mused about his celebrity and importance. End of Fred.

Then came John, long bald John. He was only treading water because the MSM hadn’t thrown him an anvil yet. I didn’t send the isle crossing, Teddy lovin’, Liberal huggin’, nickel tuggin’ Republicrat a dime. Until Sarah.

When Palin hit the ground in Ohio all the rules changed. Anyone who would send members of their own party to jail for fraud and corruption, is a friend of mine. So, I sent some more money.

Sarah was the breath of fresh air that almost resurrected John’s campaign. I say almost, because once the MSM and Hollyweird got ahold of her, she was not just marginalized, but turned into a caricature, not unlike the one they made of Ross Perot. But I sent donations anyway. Field dressing a moose isn’t necessarily something qualifying anyone for political office, but it is definitely a plus. Not so for media elite America. It is a big no-no, especially if you are a Conservative. Sayonara Sarah.

So now, the RNC thinks I am going to support what is left of the middle of the road Republicans. I don’t think so.

The RNC needs to determine where their base is and cater to it, not the other way around. The old saw goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you will believe anything.” or in this case, do anything to get elected. I would rather go down with principles than stand without them.

So basically, until Republicans decide to promote the basic principles of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, securing our borders, means testing entitlements and any other Federalist policies I have missed, the RNC need not waste further 42 cent stamps.

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